From the Chief's Desk

From the Chief's Desk


The next Board Meeting for the Tice Fire District Commissioner’s will be on July 14, 2016 beginning at 07:00 PM. The meeting will be conducted at the Tice Fire Station, located at 9351 Workmen Way, Fort Myers FL 33906. The Meeting Agenda is below. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Fire Chief Ted Ross

Tice Fire & Rescue District

Board of Fire Commissioner’s Meeting

July 14, 2016 Agenda


1.    Call to Order, Verification of Quorum

2.    Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence

3.    Adopt Agenda

4.    Recognitions

5.    Financial Report

6.    Chief’s Report

7.    Attorney’s Report

8.    Union Report

9.    Restate Consent, Old Business, New Business Agenda Items

10.                 Public Input on Agenda Items

11.                 Consent Agenda Items

a.     Approve prior meeting minutes

b.    Approve District disbursements and required fiscal action

12.                 Old Business Agenda Items

a.     FH Cloud Software

o   No Action Required

13.                 New Business Agenda Items

a.      Set Millage Rate for DR 420 TRIM Notice

o   Adjusted Taxable Property Value  +6.8 %

b.     Set dates for Tentative Budget Hearing

o   September 8th?      Time?

§  County’s Budget hearing dates are Sept. 6th and Sept 20th. The School Board’s hearing is Sept. 13th

c.     Equipment Purchase

14.                 Public Input on Non-Agenda Items

15.                 Commissioners’ Comments

·       Adjournment

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