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F.S. 189.069 Compliance


(1)(b) n/a

(2)(a) 1 Tice Fire Protection and Rescue Service District

(2)(a) 2We provide Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Services, Rescue and Basic Life Support.

(2)(a) 3See Tice Fire Commissioners

(2)(a) 4The Tice Fire Protection and Rescue Service District operates on a fiscal year that begins October 1st and ends September 30th.

(2)(a) 5

•Codification, Chapter 2000-438

•Statute(s) under which the District Operates: Chapters 189 and 191 Florida Statutes

•Date established: June 25, 1976

•Establishing Entity: State Legislature

(2)(a) 6

9351 Workmen Way

Ft. Myers, FL 33905

(239) 694-2380

(2)(a) 7

View Boundaries and District Map

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(2)(a) 8

The District is authorized to levy Ad Valorem taxes, Impact Fees, user charges and non-ad valorem assessments as provided in Florida Chapter 2000-438.

The District currently levies Ad Valorem taxes of up to 3.75 mills, or $3.75 per $1,000.00 of taxable assessed value as determined annually by the Lee County Property Appraiser. Ad Valorem taxes are used to fund all operational functions of the District.

The District also charges Impact Fees on new construction (View Impact Fees), the use of which is restricted to capital improvements necessary to provide service for new growth. Impact Fees cannot be used for salaries or any of the District’s normal operational expenses.

The District also charges fees for various fire inspections (View User Fees).

(2)(a) 9

Primary contact:

Fire Chief Ted Ross

9351 Workmen Way

Ft. Myers, FL 33905

(239) 694-2380

(2)(a) 10

The Tice Fire Department follows the ethics protocols of the Florida Commission on Ethics, online at:

(2)(a) 11

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(2)(a) 12

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